Like The Camp of the Saints  this book will challenge  conventional thinking about the profound problem of  human differences and the interplay of such ideas  in culture and politics. It is an analysis of the two conflicts generated by Darwin’s views of evolution and human nature, one which painfully clashed with Christianity and the other which only now presages the assault of modern genetics on the biology of human differences.

Darwinian evolution has been opposed by creationists for over a century and only a trial in 2005 in Pennsylvania may well end the machinations of such fundamentalists.The new arena of dispute is far more dangerous because Darwinian inequality opposes the pervasive egalitarian dream of liberals determined to create a “new society” of perfect equality. They will not passively accept the scientific reality emerging from modern genetics. Their kind of “diversity” does not include genuine racial differences! Something has to give in this strange struggle.

Genetics is indeed the “hot” science today, along with neuroscience’s siege of the human brain. The study of  human DNA  and it’s various polymorphisms is helping anthropologists determine race membership as well as evolutionary relations among various groups.The anthropology that involves genetics is the field that is driving the efforts to reconstruct the human past over 50,000 years and to establish haplogroups or clans of people based upon a commonality of genetic markers.All of this is discussed in the book as we try to see the direction of modern research that affects our view of human nature.All of this research, whether on racial differences or human geneology, gives short shrift to religion.

While religion is the loser in this historic collision with science, I make a case for its necessity as a source of morality. Secular humanism  with its relativistic morality is unable to fit properly with the Christian morality of America and multiculturalism further undermines our political, social, and moral principles. While Richard Dawkins’ book called The God Delusion is a bestseller, militant atheists are dangerous because, according to the eminent scholar Norm Levitt, with whom I utterly agree, religion is surely not all bad and it has a complex relationship with family life, morality, and mysticism. Reducing irrationalism may be a worthy goal, but an America already declining morally cannot afford Dawkins’  vision of a Brave New World!

In a 1994 classic called Dictatorship of Virtue, Richard Bernstein warned of the surge of court actions and university rule changes that presaged a virtual moral monopoly by the extreme Left. Today they have created an America that fears Darwin’s second idea and, by extension, my book. Charles Murray, of The Bell Curve fame, is a lone voice outside the subterranean Internet!. Egalitarians demand political correctness at any cost. Our liberal democracy no longer fears a lonely neo-Nazi in the Tennessee woods, but the Establishment operatives pushing open admissions, open borders, and lower standards are the real enemy.Diversity, that glorious catchword of the Left, has a genuine dark side.

Topics like creationism, human evolution, religion, neuroscience, etc. will be treated, along with a short sketch of Darwin’s voyage of the Beagle, in order to shed light on the twin conflicts that emerged from Darwin’s biology. Discovering evolution and the roots of human nature left Darwin alone as the “villain” whose revolutionary ideas disrupted Christianity and now liberal egalitarian ideology.

The truth of Darwin’s revolution has consequences we cannot easily measure. I try to show that Edelman’s model of the brain will soon extend Darwin’s victory and yet his model precludes perfect robotic imitation of human uniqueness. That human nature is aggressive and violent is shown for what it is-a part of nature. The incredible malleability of human nature, as we see in the current “sexual revolution,” is discussed as both positive and negative aspects. Modification of human nature, especially in the hands of dysfunctional political systems, will surely end in catastrophe. Still,like E.O. Wilson, I find heroic aspects to human nature despite the dangers of liberal bourgeois society, with its Brave New World narcissism and disdain for Darwinian inequality.

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