Cornelius J. Troost was a professor of science education at UCLA and chair of graduate studies at Brock University in Ontario, Canada. While at Brock Dr. Troost created an MA degree program in environmental education. He also worked on critical thinking tests for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

    Dr. Troost is the author of 10 books and numerous articles in professional journals. In addition, he gave four major talks to the faculty and graduate students at Harvard’s GSE. These talks were judged exceptional by senior faculty.

    For years Dr. Troost gave talks on evolution in education and appeared on a variety of TV shows to discuss creationism and biology teaching. In Florida he has taught biology, physics, and chemistry as well as graduate level psychology courses. His students in Odyssey of the Mind competitions won numerous medals.

    He is married and has four children and six grandchildren.


BS- University of Maine  1956 (biology)
MA- Seton Hall U. 1962 (Ed. Psych.)
Ph.D. Indiana U.  1966 (Sci. Educ.)

Board of Consultants-Alpha Film Corp. Chicago
Consultant for Science-Beverly Hills School District, CA
Science Consultant- Doubleday Multimedia, Santa Ana, CA

23 Journal Articles

Text called Patterns of Life, 
American Book Co., NYC, 1972

Text called Environmental Education: A Resource Guide
John Wiley, NYC,  1972

Radical School Reform: Critique and Alternatives
Little Brown&Co., 1973

MAPS  Gr. 7&8
Houghton-Mifflin, 1975

Teaching Children Sci. Enquiry
Scott, Foresman,  1980

Harvard Lectures:
  1982  Rousseau, Relativism, and Values
  1985  Technology, Values, and Teaching
  1987  The Limits of Science
  1988  Moral Values as Educational Goals

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