What do Scholars and Scientists
have to say about "Apes or Angels"?

“Apes or Angels? is a good read.”
-A.W.F. Edwards
Professor of Genetics, Cambridge University

“Apes or Angels? Is a fascinating study of the
development of Homo sapiens”

-John Irving
Editor, Academic Questions

“You have put together a wonderful book!”
-Henry Harpending
Professor of Anthropology, University of Utah

“Apes or Angels is a well-written, serious book.”
-Steve Hsu
Professor of Physics, University of Oregon

“ One feature of the book, which I appreciated,
is the large number of heterogeneous facts.
You have clearly read widely."

-James F. Crow
Professor Emeritus of Genetics, University of Wisconsin

“ I find myself in agreement with all you have said
(on racial differences in Ch. 3)
-Ralph Holloway
Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University